Spinnergy is located at 2301 9th Street North in St.Pete, Florida. We offer spinning, boxing and personal training every day of the week. Stop by to try one of our famous spin classes! You won't regret it. 


Indoor cycling or "spin" is an enjoyable non-impact way to work your total body without the wear and tear of impact exercises. Spin offers the beginner entry into group fitness without being singled out as a novice because you are in charge of your tension knob. If you can't pedal at the tension level the instructor is asking for, it doesn't matter because each person works at the level that they can handle. 


We offer spin classes seven days a week.


If you are an experienced outdoor rider, spin just gives you that indoor workout in the safety of our four walls! We have 30 Schwinn A.C. (Authentic Cycling) Sport Bikes. The A.C. series bikes utilize magnets and an aluminum disk to generate resistance – no pads to wear down, replace or maintain. The ride is consistent from bike to bike.


If you are looking for a motivating, music-driven spin class, Spinnergy Fitness is the place to come! Your first spin class is complimentary, so give it a try!


We also offer one on one fitness-boxing instruction. We feature 8 assorted heavy bags, an adjustable speed bag platform, as well as a full size, elevated boxing ring. Boxing is a great overall body exercise that really focuses on toning and tightening your arms, shoulders, and core.


Personal Trainers give their encouragement and professional assistance to help you improve your individual strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination all the while improving your cardiovascular health. This is done using a combination of workouts involving machines, floor exercises, weights, boxing equipment and our large assortment of core strengthening equipment.


Personal training helps you achieve your attainable fitness and /or weight goals with workouts and/or diets catered specifically for you. Whether it is a short-term goal such as getting back into shape for an upcoming event or sports season or a long-term goal to become a healthier, active person, personal trainers educate you on the correct way to use equipment and do exercises in the proper form so as not to hurt your muscles or back.


Give us a call at (727) 823-SPIN (7746) to try your first class for free!






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